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International Competition

Golden Heart
Best Film from International Competition
Dawn (2012)
Leon Le & Keith Creedy (USA)

With 10 short minutes, the film guides us through many contrasting emotional states, shows us that, with a condensed story and a well controlled storytelling style, an inner world within each individual is always hard to understand and much more complex than what is said or done… And like every successful short film, a question is left with us when the film is finished. 

Best Directing
Leon Le (USA)
Dawn (2012)

Using the traditional and simple cinematic language, the director has been successful in evoking curiosity in the audience, discovering a personal story behind a seemingly ordinary situation in the society. Innermost feelings are hidden within each character with natural performances. Only with 10 minutes but the notion of human condition still haunts the audience when the film is finished. 

Best Screenplay
Polen Ly (Cambodia)
Iva (2012)

How to tell a story when every story in life has been told, we have even heard this story thousands of times. But the film has an astonishing and moving choice when it tells the simple story with a plain, early cinema storytelling style, with back and white visual and silent audio… Everything seems to remind us to go back to the most origin of beauty, kindness and compassion. A strange and harrowing aftertaste in a series of films this year.

Best Cinematography
Nguyen Khac Nhat & Nguyen Vinh Phuc (Vietnam)
16:30 (2012)

This is a surprise from the young filmmakers. The images lead the audience to the exciting rhythm of the story in the most natural and honest approach. The angle shot, camera use deliver outstanding effects, in combination with the remarkable impression, produce the camera’s movements. The sensible lighting as well as highly contrasting scenes yield positive effects on the character’s psyche and the story’s pace, create a special appeal of the film. 

Best Editing
Dave Singh (Malaysia)
Breathe (2011)

Exciting. Waiting. Discovering. The images set one next to the other in a purpose driven rhythm lead the audience through many emotions within 17 minutes. A very impressive film. 

Best Male Performance
Tran Minh Khoa (Vietnam)
16:30 (2012)

What the actor expressed in the film makes me totally believe he is a part of Saigon which I encounter at sunset, when wandering around slums, some times see the children’s eyes quietly looking at me. That is a silent look but speaks so much, similar to how in the film he speaks with his eyes, with the loneliness of a forsaken soul yet doesn’t lose hope. I was really moved when I saw how him live in the film and hand him this award with enormous respect. Hopefully I will see him, Tran Minh Khoa, again after this debut “16:30”.

Best Female Performance
Chen Yu Ting (China)
Tiny Pupil (2012)

A performance reminds people of child actors in the history of cinema, however, what is more noteworthy is that the performance makes us think of any ordinary little girl in life. The outstanding performance from Chen Yu Ting is an important factor to make the film so special like „Xiao Tong“.

Audience Award

Red Heart
Best Film from International & Local Competition
On Duty With Shu Qi (2012)
Đỗ Quốc Trung (Vietnam)

Press – Critic Award

Vietnamese Heart
Best Vietnamese Film from International & Local Competition
16:30 (2012)
Trần Dũng Thanh Huy (Việt Nam)

Independent Juries

New Heart
Creative idea award – Best Film from International and Local Competition
16:30 (2012)
Trần Dũng Thanh Huy (Vietnam)

Green Heart
Best Film on Sustainable Development
Hải Lý 2011 (2011)
Phạm Thu Hằng & Trần Thanh Hiên (Vietnam)

Rainbow Heart
Best Film on LGBT
Dawn (2012)
Leon Le (USA)

Fire Heart
Production Award – Best Film from Local Competition
One Day (2012)
Nguyễn Vũ Minh Đức (TP. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam)

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